Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Laugh a Minute

The key to assessing Barack Hussein Obama is not to take his rhetoric too seriously, because if it sounds like Obama is supporting America's foundational values or free market capitalism, Obama does not believe himself nor does he mean it. So last night, I heard a lot of empty words. I will not attempt a point by point refutation but will mention how Obama is still engaged in willful self-delusion, crowing about the US being on schedule to exit Iraq with no mention or consideration that Iran has entered the power vacuum America left there as we rushed to abandon any pretension of democracy and allowed the creation of a Shia surrogate state under Iran's sway. There was the typical retinue of victims who Obama's outreach has somehow salvaged shown to the television audience throughout the speech. Then, there was Obama attempting levity when introducing his determination to maintain Obama Care replete with its job destroying features, only conceding that some tweaking might be in order to reduce the newly engendered paperwork burden. Obama and the Democrat Senate are absolutely committed to ending private medical insurance including that provided by employers and fee for service medical care. They will broach no compromise with the GOP on this which is why Republicans must push for repeal until their numbers are large enough that repeal takes place with a completely different measure being passed to provide guaranteed access to insurance for those with preexisting conditions. Finally, Obama continued the push for the so-called "Dream Act", proving that he still does not take our sovereignty seriously and has no intention of enforcing secure borders. Last night's State of the Union could have left many a patriot crying, but I considered the source and laughed at him.

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