Sunday, January 16, 2011

Booth or Bardo

The Sunday morning political shows continued to ponder the tragic events that took place in Tuscon. All seem to wish to continue to in some way tie the tenor of political debate to the attempted assassination, if only to say in the future we could be a little nicer to each other. While I would not necessarily demur that we could still elevate the discourse, I am convinced the Left is using this horrific happening to quiet the Right which has in fact almost always maintained civility in presenting their clearly superior ideas. The discussion on these programs spoke of how Republicans and Democrats intend to sit mingled rather than in sections segregated by political party as they traditionally have during President Barack Hussein Obama's State of the Union address. This newfound comity is no true or abiding spirit but a short-lived stunt that will disappear as quickly as the Democrats sapped away at the supposed unity following the September 11, 2001 massacre. It will not last. I must continue to emphasize though that what occurred in Tuscon was not a traditional political assassination attempt but an act of wanton madness. The assailant was more Robert John Bardo than John Wilkes Booth and any attempt to attack our Second Amendment rights based on the Tuscon murders is foolhardy. If illegal aliens stage a home invasion in Tuscon using AK-type weapons with high capacity magazines, you had better hope the law-abiding citizens being attacked have similar armament to respond with- or you will have a different sort of Arizona atrocity with a newly disarmed citizenry only serving as easy prey for criminals who will never have any concern for legal niceties.

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