Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hoax and Shame

Great expectations accompanied the ascension of Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office in the minds of many Americans. Many of those supporting Obama knew little of him beyond his sloganeering about "hope and change". News reports about the relatively obscure young US Senator from Illinois portrayed him as a "raging moderate", a pragmatist, a compromiser, and even a coalition builder who had worked closely with Republicans to get things done for the good of Illinois back when he was a state legislator representing part of Chicago. Obama's support for allowing newborns to die by deliberately withholding medical care if they somehow survived an attempted abortion was only mentioned during the Presidential campaign by the so-called right wing press in new media. Obama's radical affiliations were whitewashed in the dinosaur media with only one inquiry forced on George Stepanopoulos by Sean Hannity about Obama's twenty plus year membership in Reverend Jeremiah Wright's black liberation theology church. The gullible in the voting public were even told this friend of Weather Underground terrorists was a devotee of Ronald Reagan and Abe Lincoln. His long-term progressive streak was brushed over to dupe moderate voters who otherwise would have likely backed McCain. And since he has been in office Obama has shown his take on compromise with the GOP- which is picking off a few Republicans in name only to give unpopular legislation a sheen of bipartisanship before it is shoved down the throats of a wary and unwilling public as we witnessed in the Obama care spectacle. 2011 may not be quite as awful as 2010 as the GOP managed in the last election to win the US House of Representatives but look for more Chicago-style guttersnipe techniques from Obama and his Democrats and his handmaiden main stream press and watch out especially for rule by regulation (coming close to rule by decree) as Obama foists more radicalism upon us through the administrative process of agencies working under the executive branch (such as cap and trade through EPA mandate). Obama practices an odd kind of outreach where opponents must go along with him and his leftist initiatives to gain modest concessions like the renewal of the Bush-era tax cuts which merely kept the economy from falling deeper into recession- and the amazing aspect of this is-in the reports of old-line media, Obama is granted all credit for this, extending tax rates he fought tooth and nail against to achieve redistribution from the so-called rich and suddenly on ABC, CBS, NBC, and America's newspapers, these are Obama's tax cuts and he was for them all along to sustain the economic recovery. Barack Hussein Obama is a committed socialist (if not an outright Marxist) and anyone who voted for him under the premise that he would be the "great unifier" was sold a bill of goods.

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