Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Social Disease Media

Everyone seems to be on or joining the ever growing social network that will remain nameless here but not faceless. This new form of communication has some obvious positives. You are able to connect with people you were close to years back and might otherwise have trouble finding if you could locate them at all. This reconnecting certainly has pitfalls of its own. I am sure many a spouse is less than thrilled that a husband or wife is now back in contact with the person they dated through high school or college but had not seen in the last decade or so. How many personal acquaintances are on there reminiscing about time spent at Lovers' Lake watching the submarine races, and how many marriages have been hurt by someone acting on a remembered youthful impulse? And then there are applications that might really threaten the security of the users' homes. One app allows you to follow where your friend is in the bricks and mortar world from the comfort of virtual reality. This particular app has the potential to create a booming business among burglars in housebreaking among those who do not have their privacy settings just right. But our latest means of connecting across continents is likely here to stay at least until we voluntarily sign-on to the next big thing that will likely be even more invasive and able to further disrupt our lives.

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