Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tumult and Turmoil

It is looming before us and in fact has already started. The scum in the dinosaur media are praising the cloying, petty, and dangerous tactics that the Democrats have employed. Reading the US Constitution, the document that is the bulwark of the Republic, is a "stunt" and a "fetish". Republicans are called out as "hypocrites" and "liars" over the most mundane of procedural matters in the US House of Representatives with two members chastised for not being physically present during the mass swearing-in, as opposed to Democrats who are not mentally present from the moment they are elected until they are ushered out of office. In the august upper chamber (the US Senate), Democrats are given credit for foresight when they move to eliminate the right of filibuster as we are told they are now fighting Republican "obstructionism", just as the Gang of Fourteen was feted for taking the opposite tack a few years back for preventing the so-called nuclear option and preserving the filibuster when it served the interests of Democrats back during the term of the last President Bush. If these ploys are already seen right after the new Congress is sworn in, just imagine how much worse the situation will become over the next two years through an election cycle that includes the US Presidency.

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