Friday, January 7, 2011

Perverse Political Agenda

The recent movie "Howl" advances the homosexual game plan and in so doing is perfectly in keeping with the sick mindset of the main pervert it chronicles- one Allen Ginsberg. The old saw when people still had some restraint and decorum went this way: Two homosexuals were recounting their exuberant night together when some heterosexuals drifted over. The first gay said to the second, "We best hush up now, some straights are in earshot." The second homosexual said with a wink, "No, now is the time to raise our voices, so we can spread it around." And spread it around they have, social destruction, the dissolution of the sanctity of the family, chronic and fatal diseases, ranging from hepatitis, to antibiotic-resistant venereal disease, to acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Allen Ginsberg is no longer alive to see it but we are counting the cost of the damage he did every day.

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