Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Mexican Standoff

I once again don the soothsayer cap to tell of the virtual certainty of gridlock in the new Congress. As much as much of America would like it, I foresee absolutely no possibility of the repeal of Obama Care taking place though there is a forlorn hope of a remote chance that some or much of the health care scheme will be reversed in the courts. So long as Democrats retain control in the United States Senate, turning back the Obama care debacle legislatively will be impossible. Not only would majority Democrats have to abandon their former course in large numbers, those that leave the President would have to be sufficient to overcome Obama's certain veto, which sadly, is never going to happen. But the deadlock legislatively will not be solely on health care, but almost across the board as both Republicans and Democrats dig in their heels. I see heretofore unimaginable acrimony, but one trend will continue and that is that the dinosaur media will single out the GOP for calumny, attacking only the Right for gross partisanship and obstruction. The "Party of No" will be bandied about quite a bit in the moribund media for the next two years. Inability to pass legislation that is ultimately destructive of the country is a good thing though, and it will be up the conservative thinkers to convey that to the public.

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