Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Master's Master

Barack Hussein Obama, who has been more obsequious to foreign autocrats than any other US President, was in his finest kowtow mode to the leader of Communist China who even "Light-Brain" Harry Reid aptly characterized as a dictator. The Red Chinese are being portrayed in our dinosaur media as the rising irresistible force, superior in every aspect in commerce, manufacturing, education, and even in "environmental ethics", which is odd for a country where two-thirds of the population still live (or not) in grim subsistence with levels of poverty unimaginable by any First World standard, where trade unionism is forbidden in any real and meaningful aspect (so that no Polish-style Solidarity Movement may arise), and where millions upon millions of drone workers are essentially held as prisoners in barrack or dormitory type housing and literally owe more than their souls to the company store that is always controlled at least in part by the People's Liberation Army (you know the one with the tanks in Tiananmen Square). So these thug tyrants hold eleven percent of America's debt- so what- we are the market for tremendous amounts of the goods they produce and no matter what else beyond thinking of us as potential buyers, they absolutely regard us as competitors and as the enemy.

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