Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Down Goes Lebanon

Barack Hussein Obama during his ascendancy to the United States Presidency promised to make the world a safer place. Before he had achieved anything substantive beyond gaining office, Obama was even rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for his good intentions. So far under Obama's administration, the globe seems every bit as if not more dangerous than it would have been had his Republican opponent John McCain won the election. In point of fact, danger lurks in every corner of the globe. With Saad Hariri, Lebanon's Prime Minister, actually physically present in Washington, meeting with President Obama, the Hezbollah terror organization and its allies pulled out of Lebanon's fragile governing coalition, collapsing the government, and inviting violence in that fractious and bitterly divided nation. Not only is internecine violence between Shia and Sunni likely, the minority Druse and Christian communities are going to be dragged in, to say nothing of the very real possibility of Hezbollah initiating combat against Israel to serve the dual goals of (1)advancing what Iran wants and (2)rallying other Lebanese, who in the main will unite against the Jews, to the Hezbollah cause of resisting the "Zionist entity". Once again, Obama's attempts to advance peace have only made war more probable.

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