Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Owner Versus Caretaker

As was reflected in my blog post yesterday, many politicians including but certainly not limited to those in Nashville forget that they are merely servants sitting in office a short while and not our masters. Even last night, a council woman here in Nashville said that she would grant a reprieve to the Fairgrounds themselves, extending their use for one year, except for the track which she would demolish immediately and replace with "green space". Nashville, Tennessee is not Manhattan with three million people crammed into a couple of square miles. We have plenty of open spaces, people by in large have yards, and we do not need yet another municipal park with plenty existing already in the five hundred and thirty square miles of Davidson County. And how much hubris does a local council person have to possess to act like she owns our public facilities and can do with them what she wants on a whim? The citizens of Nashville do not abide by the grace of our mayor or council members, nor do we live under their sufferance. These people do us no favors, but we do quite a bit for them every time we elect them.

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