Monday, January 17, 2011

Sound Fiscal Steward

My hometown of Nashville, Tennessee is currently in the midst of a debate wherein our Mayor Karl Dean seeks to demolish our municipal racing track. This proposed action has roiled much of the public with stock car racing a particularly popular sport here in America's South. Let me preface the remainder of my remarks by saying I have no dog in that fight not being a fan per se, having never attended a race and rarely even catching portions of races when they are broadcast. Last night on WSMV, a long-time local sportscaster Rudy Kalis presented a balanced report on the future of the race course. Mayor Dean has at this late hour suddenly become a fiscal hawk so concerned with protecting the taxpayers' money according to what he claimed his anti-track motivation was in the Kalis interview. This is utter laughable nonsense worthy of nothing but scorn. Karl Dean is the same Mayor who pushed through the approval of a grandiose new convention center after our first municipal convention center, earlier constructed also with public money, became a white elephant. Despite much resistance among Davidson County voters, the convention center was pushed through the Metro Council. The measure was never put before the voters here as a referendum because Mayor Dean and the special interests behind him knew that if the matter was put before the public in this manner, it might not pass. Mayor Karl Dean is not Nashville's lord and master. Karl Dean does not own the track. Karl Dean is a self-characterized progressive. He is a free spender much in the same way as President Barack Hussein Obama except that Dean does not enjoy a Department of the Treasury that can simply print fiat currency. I implore my city's elected representatives in the Council to resist Mayor Karl Dean's imperious whims over local racing. The Fair Grounds Raceway is ours- not his.

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