Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin's Winter Follies

We are currently witnessing a battle in Madison to determine if those government employs remain our public servants or if they have indeed become our masters. As it now stands, Wisconsin is beyond broke, the state is in fact more than one hundred and thirty million dollars in debt though that state's constitution mandates a balanced budget. Teachers in Madison and Milwaukee public schools average more than one hundred thousand dollars in salary and benefits. It should be hard to mouth poor when your individual compensation package is nearly double the average US household income for an entire family. It should be difficult to look at those who pay your salaries with utter contempt but those demonstrating that message are conveying that in spades calling TEA party members everything but children of God. A new tone was supposed to take hold in public discourse after the Gabby Giffords' tragedy, yet state workers have been filmed with placards portraying Republican Governor Walker in the cross hairs of a gun sight and other signs show Walker sporting a Hitler mustache. The workaday heroes marching while drawing sick day pay from the bankrupt state even have the nerve to compare themselves to the truly oppressed freedom seekers in Egypt and have called the recently sworn-in governor a "cheesehead pharaoh". The handmaidens of Obama who has incidentally inserted himself gratuitously into the Wisconsin dispute and organized labor in the dinosaur media have even gone so far as to claim Governor Walker intends to call out the National Guard with the clear implication that he intends to go Kent State or Qaddafi on the demonstrators when he actually only wants the Guard members to fill the state jobs being left undone during the public employee sickout. Even the Democratic state senators of Wisconsin are being portrayed as heroic by the main stream media partisan hacks who are pushing the Obama party pro-organized labor line as the skip-town senators hide out in other states to deny the state legislature the necessary quorum for a vote. To hell with extortion by the public employee unions.

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