Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Morphing into Carbama

Listening to President Barack Hussein Obama's news conference this morning, I could not help but feel like those residing on Mount Vesuvius a couple thousand years back- the rent was low, the view was great, but something still felt dreadfully amiss. It seemed as if we were back in 1979 with Jimmy Carter at the microphone. Then as now, more malaise seems inevitable with a clueless hand on the nation's rudder. And to hear our current President criticize Iranian "coercion" beggars the imagination. This is the President who is bent on giving the Internal Revenue Service, one of the most dread and coercive agencies in the world, even more power over our lives by hiring sixteen thousand more IRS employees to enforce the coercive provisions of Obama's health care law. Talk about listening to the will of the people is one thing, actually listening to the voice of the people is quite another. President Obama who rails against the tyranny of Iran justifiably has a few despotic leanings of his own. People who live on the slopes of a volcano best be prepared to pack up in a hurry- you never know just when it (or the rightly indignant street in Egypt, Iran, or wherever is going to erupt).

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