Saturday, February 19, 2011

Destabilizing Discontent Disquiets

Almost the entirety of the Arab world is being racked with street demonstrations, and more and more, these demonstrations are being met with violent responses by unpopular governments. In some nations, the impetus for protests has a deep sectarian component as in Bahrain. In other instances, the unrest is broader and more democratically-based, as may be observed now in Libya. Governments as far afield as Iran and Albania now face tumult of their own. Washington is likely now most concerned though with Bahrain which hosts the US Fifth Fleet which is just one more reason that Shia Iran probably has a role in undermining the Sunni monarchy of that Shia majority country. Blood is being shed in Bahrain where citizens are deprived an equal voice and equal opportunity based on their sect affiliation and Libya where citizens have no voice at all. America may well have to weigh self-interest as a nation against natural interest in individual freedom in these countries now racked by turmoil.

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