Sunday, February 27, 2011

Navigating Uncharted Waters

America has been the moral beacon for much of the world. Not to say that the US has been perfect by any means, but we have served as a compass by shining the light of freedom. We have been known rightly as the Land of Opportunity, producing the least stratified society that there has ever been. In America, the poor almost universally have indoor plumbing, constant electricity, television, and motor vehicles and the economic liberty to rise above poverty. Typically, those in the lowest income bracket who have children even own the latest gaming system and have some sort of Internet access readily at hand. Yet, from the way the Democratic Party, the Obama administration, and trade unionist tell it, America is among the most deprived places on earth. Pity the poor government worker whose compensation package with benefits only averages more than the typical income of families (largely comprised of non-government workers) across the United States. And what of Obama's foreign policy- it is benighted and backwards- waiting more than nine days to call out tyrannical murderer Qaddafi by name, ignoring the plight of oppressed Iranians, living under the thumbs of mullahs and Ahmadinejad, but immediately pushing US ally Mubarak out. Mubarak suffered such popular discontent because he was seen as a pawn of America for honoring his commitment to the US vis-a-vis peace with Israel. And I never thought I would see my formerly righteous nation demanding that Israel make the most sacred places to Jews Judenrein- cleansed of Jews- demanding Jews abandon Judea and Samaria and most offensive of all, leave East Jerusalem. "Next year in Jerusalem" has been the most fervent call of the believing Jew since the Babylonian Exile, since the diaspora was imposed on the Jews thousands of years back- not next year in Manhattan or Madagascar or Peoria for that matter but Jerusalem. What an immoral, racist notion that Obama and the US State Department now demand that the equivalent of what Mecca means to the Muslims for the Jews be rid of Jewish presence, have Jews who originally owned the city be evicted from it, and the most dearly held areas to the Jews be made Jew-free.

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