Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Loathsome Toads

ABC devoted an entire hour of its late night schedule to chronicle and comment on the historic happenings in Egypt. This included an attempt to demonize Hosni Mubarak by comparing him to Slobodan Milosevic, Nicolae Ceausescu, and Saddam Hussein. While it is undeniable that Mubarak is no Will Rogers, it is obvious that he he belongs nowhere near the pantheon of recent horrible dictators in whose company ABC smeared him. Mubarak did not wage wars of aggression against neighbors, in fact, he kept the peace internationally. Nothing on his watch transpired like Milosevic's fight with Croatia or attacks on Bosnia and Kosovo. Nothing Mubarak did resembled the bloodbath of aggression that killed a couple million that Saddam launched on Iran and then repeated to a lesser scale when he captured Kuwait. There are no credible allegations that Mubarak did anything to rival the slaughter of marsh Arabs and Kurds that Saddam gleefully committed. And as far as Ceausescu went, Mubarak did not in the end turn his army on his citizenry and massacre thousands in the squares. Mubarak left peacefully as an Egyptian patriot and with dignity. At the end of ABC's propaganda program on the day's events in Egypt, Terry Moran dismissed allegiances with dictators for the sake of stability and lumped in a call for the end of "occupation" to conclude the program in an apparent jab at Israel. Moran should realize as he parrots that Arab line that when said by a Muslim "occupation" does not reference only the West Bank and East Jerusalem but is meant from the "river to the sea"- said with the intention of supplanting the Jewish State with a Muslim replacement. Moran showed himself to be yet one more dinosaur media hack subtly endorsing Israel's eradication.

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