Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tools of Repression

Mostly peaceful demonstrations had occurred against the Sunni monarchy in Bahrain which holds onto power despite Sunnis being a distinct minority that lords over the majority Shia population with an iron fist. Then in the early hours of the dark a.m., Bahrain unleashed the forces of oppression against her own people. Not trusting her own police to carry out the tyranny, Bahrain imported uniformed thugs from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to help with the dirty work. The assembled protesters had been told no action would be taken against them without warning. The authorities of Bahrain claim such a warning was in fact issued, but the demonstrators and the purportedly objective international press heard no notice being given as the attack was initiated on the largely sleeping crowd. Of course, the Sunnis contend some of the trouble has been stirred up by the government of Iran, whipping up hostile sentiments and the resentment of their fellow Shia at the expense of their Sunni rulers. In any event, what transpired was ugly, bloody, and brutal. No one ever said that democratizing the Middle East was going to be easy. It will certainly not be, if it is even possible.

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