Monday, February 21, 2011

A Planned Contingency

I foresee a government shutdown in our near future. President Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party will force this crisis as they remember that during the Clinton era shutdown, because of the then robust main stream media pushing the Democrat line, the blame redounded on the Republican Party and the Democrats figure wrongly that they can repeat that political success. They certainly can duplicate the effort and shut the government and their fellow travelers still control most of the nation's newspapers and vast swathes of America's airways, but in 1995, the dinosaur media only had the nascent buds of the new media to contest them. Now, they have a real, robust voice of opposition to counter their contentions with the truth on FOX, on greatly expanded conservative talk radio, and on the Internet, which was just starting to burgeon into the behemoth it now has become in 1995. Back then, the Democrats and their propaganda machine found it much easier to spin the message than they will find it today.

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