Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not Enough Votes

Republican candidates did a masterful job of securing the United States House of Representatives in the last elections while the Republican Party itself did a miserable job in trying to win the US Senate. With popular discontent at a high water mark toward Congress, the GOP did such a lousy job in wooing voters that Democrats still hold control of both the most important deliberative body in the world, our Senate, and the Presidency itself. Some fault for not gaining the US Senate of course falls on the failed candidates themselves, but a portion must also be reserved for Michael Steele, then Chairman of the National Republican Committee, who performed in his task somewhat less than optimally. And though Steele is blessedly no longer Chair, his deficiencies continue to cost us now and every day through to the next elections when the GOP will finally have the opportunity to overcome the Senate Democrat majority. So as Democrats continue to ignore the will of the people and thwart efforts to rebuff Obama, Republicans know electoral failures on their part are largely to blame.

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