Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Bonus Army

In times of economic turmoil, why should public sector workers be insulated from what those who do not work for government must endure? Why should the rest of us suffer more by having to bear that much more additional expense to subsidize our new public masters so they and their families maintain prosperous lifestyles while ours diminish? The Democrats speak of shared contribution but taxpayers are being bled dry paying local (property and wheel) tax, state (sales and for most states, income taxes), and Federal tax (income tax or even withholding which bites harder as gasoline prices soar and across the board inflation kicks in) as our public workers resist giving an inch. They demand the rest of us sacrifice but are not willing to join us. Let us pray for the sake of the nation and the vast majority of our people that Republicans stay strong in their fiscally responsible principles until they win the day.

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