Thursday, February 3, 2011

Form Rescue Committees

In much of the Middle East right now, a US passport is no asset. In fact, said document may bring suspicion upon the bearer from both those in the moribund governments and those groups roiling the streets, particularly those of an Islamist nature. Prior to the Shah's fall in Iran, Americans were assured that the US State Department would look after their interests. In the event, the State Department could not even protect their own with our diplomats in Tehran being taken hostage and held for four hundred and forty-four (444) days. A few intrepid patriots including H. Ross Perot took it upon themselves to do what the government could or did not and evacuated employees of their US-domiciled companies who found themselves trapped in Iran. These modern day Scarlet Pimpernels were generally comprised of former US Special Forces and personnel who had formerly been in intelligence organizations like the CIA. An American private citizen or group of private citizens needs to organize such a pipeline today as even last night on NBC Evening News, Brian Williams reported a seventy-six (76) year old American woman is besieged and trapped in her apartment in Cairo's Tahrir Square with our government basically unable or unwilling to do anything to help her. Many Muslim-Americans are exposed to danger now and the possibility that they will be abducted because they find themselves over there caught in the midst of the current chaos and they happen to carry US documents, making them targets. American Muslims should ponder if they may now require something like the Jews had in World War II with the Varian Fry rescue organization which saved hundreds from the Nazis. It is all but certain that Barack Obama will leave this responsibility to non-governmental actors as he has shown no backbone to do the job that he is Constitutionally charged to do- that is defend Americans.

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