Sunday, February 6, 2011

No Ronald Reagan

We are observing the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the greatest US President of the modern era- one Ronald Wilson Reagan. Many claim to be the inheritors of the legacy of Reagan. The least logical and most incredible pretender to the mantle of Reagan is the current American mis-President Barack Hussein Obama. Reagan despised socialists. Obama is one. Is there one particular politician who best exemplifies the values of Ronald Reagan? That remains to be seen. Cloning remains the stuff of science fiction, but there are bits and pieces of Reagan in several of the GOP front runners. President Reagan was not perfect; no human being can possibly be. No human endeavor achieves perfection, but the era of Reagan brought out our best. We overcame the darkness of Jimmy Carter's malaise and the forlorn specter of American military defeat in Vietnam. Reagan did not ban a type of light bulb but magnified the sunshine as it touched America- making us the beacon of hope and liberty again.

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