Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not Bieber Fever

A spirit of revolution grips far flung places around the globe. It is not merely the youth on fire as we witnessed in that year of resistance 1968, it is the international labor movement with trade unionists roiling streets and capitals as wide ranging as Egypt, Greece, and Wisconsin. The great difference being that in Egypt, the struggle was actually about freedom, while in Greece, the fight emerged over austerity imposed economic hardship, and finally in Madison, demonstrators and their Democrat cronies are up in arms over pure unadulterated greed. They wish to maintain their spoil(ed) system though the state no longer is able to reasonably generate the means to pay for it. The street action in Egypt was fully justified, in Greece, totally expected as cuts due to insolvency dig deep into the people, while in Wisconsin, the protest is self-serving, selfish, and economically insane.

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