Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Unbridgeable Gap

Ron Paul, the nominally Republican, but actually more libertarian US Representative from Texas, has once again won the preference poll at the latest Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) even though he was characterized (and I feel aptly) as unelectable by real estate magnate Donald Trump in speaking before the straw vote was conducted at that event. While I agree with ninety percent of Congressman Paul's positions, particularly his reverence for the US Constitution, I will never cast a vote for him because he adamantly has spoken against Israel. Just as I concur with Pat Buchanan on nearly everything, I recognize him for what he is- an anti-Semite and someone who would be completely untroubled by the elimination of the Jewish state. This is not to say that similar sentiments do not prevail in the hearts and minds of many liberals, but Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul are two real conservatives who I will never support in any run for national office.

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