Thursday, November 27, 2014

Worth Giving Thanks

Whatever flaws the United States has (and there are many), at least there is no wholesale slaughter in the name of religion on our streets. Religious minorities need not concern themselves that someone might decapitate them because they approach faith differently. You can criticize a politician, even the President, in America without fear of being dragged away for sedition or simply disappeared. I am thankful that earlier this month we experienced a mostly free and fair election. I am especially grateful that for the first time in a long time my side won. While the United States is not a perfect nation, while we might not be as free economically and in other aspects of our lives as we once were, we are still freer than most. In a world governed by fear, Americans need not be afraid to speak ill of our political class. Americans may still abstain from worship or pray in the manner we chose to the dictates of our conscience. I am thankful that as a country we are still relatively prosperous and relatively free. I thank the Lord for the Providential blessing of liberty.

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