Saturday, November 15, 2014

Additional Training Session

Our evil puppet master, otherwise known as our dog, is taking us to another obedience class today. Apparently, we have not been quick enough to comply with his demands. "Bru" is disappointed. We have not brought him a single roadkill squirrel or even a chipmunk in rigor mortis. He complains his bacon-wrapped filet was overcooked. He likes to see a lot of blood in it, preferably mine. No, in reality, Bru (or "Brew") lunged at a good-natured giant who was jogging past in the opposite direction on one of his walks this week, and if he can not be trusted around an adult, it makes it all the more risky to have him near an infant. He has a standing invitation to exile in Nashville. He can reside at my mother's four dog home and try to attack his elderly canine fixed female cousins while trying to avoid being eaten by the younger, stronger recently fixed male (or is that formerly male now) Keeshond brothers. Either way, the family is not going to give him away or have him put down, but it would be much easier on all of us if he would calm down a little.

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