Sunday, November 16, 2014

An Obstructionist Congress

The majority of American voters did not endorse a rubber stamp Congress for a popular President. In spite of media hallucinations that somehow the election thrashing meant voters want more working together between the executive and legislative branches, most of the American electorate is seeking just the opposite. If Americans wanted more cooperation and comity, they would have voted in Democrats. America is a center-right country. Democrats as they exist today as a national party are hard left. It is not small-minded Republicans who are blocking the popular agenda of the President. It is an unpopular President who continues to try to foist policies Americans despise on us that inspired most voters to turn out Democrats and vote in Republicans. The GOP may be tone-deaf enough not to stand with the people against the President, but even the Republican elite will not publicly stand with Obama now that he is politically poisonous and determined to pick political fights by using executive actions to bypass the will of the American people.

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