Thursday, November 13, 2014

Campaign of Terror

Israel has recently been subjected to a series of attacks by Arabs using vehicles or knives to kill. While not as headline grabbing as flying an airplane into a tower, the innocent victims of these attacks are no less dead than those who perished in the World Trade Center. There has been no widespread international condemnation of the new wave of attacks against Jews. Make no mistake though, Israel will be condemned when they responds with force sufficient to stop the terror. These lone fanatic attacks will be a tough nut to crack. A vehicle running over pedestrians can be a spontaneous act. Israel will likely have to restrict the driving privileges of Arabs to end these assaults. This defensive action will then be used as an illustration of how Israel really is an apartheid state. The same smear will be directed at Israel if IDF and police forces give greater scrutiny to Arabs to search for blades. In the hands of a fanatic, a heavy object can be used as a crushing weapon. In the interest of the preservation of lives of Jews, the Jewish State will have to greatly restrict what Arabs can carry and where they are permitted to drive. Israel may have to opt for greater separation of peoples to stop Arabs from murdering Jews.

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