Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Destruction of Nation

In The Washington Times, Stephen Dinan reports that employers will receive a three thousand dollar incentive to hire illegal aliens over US-born workers. According to the liberal Washington Post in a story by Karen Tumulty, our "welcomed guests" could receive Medicare and Social Security. Last night I witnessed a pair of non-English speaking Latins in Walmart with four anchor babies and an EBT card buying more groceries than my wife and I with our and your tax-confiscated dollars. A country is not sovereign when national boundaries are not enforced. No country on earth can give welfare to all the destitute of the earth. Only a foolish nation invites in foreigners who can not make a success of themselves in their own countries. If you want to tear a country apart bring in a bunch of people from abroad who do not speak the native tongue to leech off native-born taxpayers, and stoke racial discontent to boot (see Ferguson). This planned Balkanization is exactly what Obama is doing to the United States of America.

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