Friday, November 21, 2014

A Lawless President

Barack Hussein Obama has taken a lawless action in granting amnesty to illegal aliens. In so doing, Obama has encouraged even more lawlessness. Obama has wittingly invited even more unaccompanied minors to risk their lives to break into America through our border with Mexico. He has invited people to lie (perjure themselves) about familial relationships, time of their entry into the country, and duration of their presence here on official forms. Are we going to DNA test five million Latins to verify that they really are father and son or mother and daughter to allow them to stay or let them enter the country as part of family reunification? Of course, we are not. It is just like the summons to appear in court that catch and release illegals receive now. Over ninety percent fail to appear at their court date and those who do show up are idiots because as part of Obama's lawbreaking, no effort is made to track down the no-shows now. Considering how hard and expensive it is to legally immigrate into America, those attempting to enter would be fools to try to use legal means of coming here. Obama has just told foreigners to come on in and take advantage of hard-working Americans who will be forced to pick up the tab for all the benefits that amnestied illegals are about to receive.

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