Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jewish Blood- Cheap

Jews have a right to be paranoid. For a couple of thousand years, Jews have been hunted, first by polytheists, then by Christians (the Crusades, the Inquisition, and pogroms), for a time by godless Communists and Nazis, and now by Muslims. Four more innocent Jews were slaughtered today as they prayed in the eternal and ancient capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem. Eight more Jews were injured by two Islamic fanatics with a gun and meat cleavers. Only a robust and aggressive program of pacification can stop future attacks. Arabs inciting to violence must be detained. Armed Palestinians must be arrested and rock and Molotov cocktail throwers should be shot. Those rocks and incendiary devices are meant to kill and Jews can no longer show so much restraint toward those trying to kill them. Rubber bullets and tear gas should be replaced by live ammunition. Soon enough, the rioters would realize that by their criminal actions, they are taking their lives in their hands. If Israel displays reasonable force instead of maximum restraint, Jews would soon be safe again in the Jewish State.

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