Friday, November 7, 2014

The Triple Threat

Barack Hussein Obama is about to force an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens down the throats of the American public who oppose the measure by wide margins. Obama can legalize the border breakers using an executive order which would be anti-Constitutional and impeachable overreach. The Republicans would do no more than complain loudly. The GOP will never move to impeach the first black President. If the Republicans in Congress ever did move to impeach, there would be race riots on a scale unprecedented in American history, and Federal troops would be called out, not to protect innocent lives and property, but to keep business owners from protecting their stores. Obama may be bluffing about the executive order to pressure the incoming Congress, hoping to rally the vast majority of Congressional Republicans, who are moderate, to vote with all the Democrats to pass an amnesty disguised as "comprehensive immigration reform". Lastly, Obama may rush an amnesty through the departing lame duck Congress, so they will take the blame to spare the next Congress from it. That way some Representatives and Senators who will not be returning can shoulder a lot of the blame. In any event, I see these as the three potential ways an open-border amnesty is about to be forced on us.

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