Monday, November 10, 2014

New Attorney General

Do you think Barack Hussein Obama is going to appoint an ideological clone of Edwin Meese as the next US Attorney General? No, Obama will select a radical fellow traveler in the mold of Eric Holder. If the Senate somehow does not approve Loretta Lynch, then the next candidate that Obama nominates will be just as far or even further to the political left. Could America function without an Attorney General for the next two years? Certainly, we would survive. Would Obama sidestep the Senate with a recess appointment? Sure, he would. There is one incontrovertible fact in this matter and that is Obama will never nominate an Attorney General who conservatives will cheer and support. In any event, I doubt the Senate will block the first black woman ever named to the post, whether at the end of the era of Democrat Harry Reid or at the start of the new majority no matter who the Republican is who replaces Reid as majority leader of the US Senate.

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