Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Putting On Manacles

Not content that he has already damaged our nation enough, Barack Hussein Obama wants more government control of the Internet. Obama has recently endorsed "Net Neutrality" to fix a system that is not broken. Obama has also just announced a climate change agreement with the Red Chinese that is all to China's advantage. Obama will begin issuing executive orders now to reduce so-called greenhouse gas emissions while China agreed to cap their own emissions by 2030 (if not sooner). The difference being that Beijing will never limit China's competitiveness and will simply ignore the parts of the agreement that are not to their benefit. Obama has no concern whether his executive orders will harm American industry. In fact, Obama despises US smokestack industries that for more than a century brought us unprecedented prosperity. So on the technology front, in power generation, and in manufacturing, Obama is taking steps that he claims will help our country, but that in fact only break America further.

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