Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Worried Weekend

Cassie, our great canine companion, is being treated with steroids and may need surgical intervention. She is eating, doing what comes after eating, and tried to stand up for us when we visited her. There is a lot of "want-to" in Cassie. Gizzy and Sage, the litter mate full brothers are recovering from their "calming procedure". Hopefully, they will no longer want to kill each other as they have in the last few days after being inseparable the first two years of their lives. "Bru" will have his Saturday obedience class today, which he needs to do well enough in to inspire confidence that he will be safe for the baby. Curry, our steadfast but toothless friend, remains devoted to me, although she clearly is missing her sister Cassie. I have no update on cousin Andy's condition, but we continue to pray for the best. Your prayers are also deeply appreciated.

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