Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our Sunday Update

Cassie does not seem to be deteriorating any further and even managed to support herself on her two front and rear left paw. We thought of potentially finding if a wheelchair might help. I know it seems crazy or at the least self-indulgent, but they do make wheelchairs for dogs. As for the rest, our recently fixed males are still fighting. "Bru", our unaltered oldest male, unfortunately still wants to fight most every dog he sees. He is not particularly good at it either, as he had his tail kicked and lost a tooth to a Labrador-pit bull mix. Only Curry is constant in her behavior and affections now at the house. She has climbed into bed to sleep with me since her sister was admitted to the animal hospital. Cousin Andrew has apparently been discharged from the hospital. Please keep on praying for their respective recoveries.

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