Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Unserious Budget

The United States is drowning in debt with a Federal deficit exploding to proportions never before seen and hardly even imagined until the rise of Obama. For the single month of February alone, the national debt rose two hundred and twenty-seven billion dollars ($227,000,000,000), an astounding figure which happens to be greater than the entire debt for the 2007 budget year under the last President Bush who we were told was spending like a drunken sailor by so-called fiscal hawk Blue Dog Democrats way back then when Federal debt was growing but still seemingly manageable. So now that Federal deficit spending has soared over a trillion United States dollars for the last fiscal year and if not dealt with in this budgetary cycle will be even larger for Fiscal Year 2011, the Democrats craft their plan to save us. They introduced their belt-tightening, waste-cutting budget proposal to put paid to the debt. Yes, the Democrats in the US Congress have managed to find a whole four billion dollars in cuts and savings that can be made before the end of the budgetary year. I just do not know how Americans can endure the pain of such sound fiscal management austerity. May God bless those Democrats with their strong Blue Dog contingent doing all that they can to restore our sound fiscal footing.

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