Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lambs to Slaughter

In the midst of the extensive coverage of the Japan disaster, a crime against humanity in the Holy Land has gone almost unreported outside of the Israeli press. Five members of one family have been butchered including a mother, a father, an eleven year old child, a three year old, and a month old infant girl. The family hailed from the tiny town of Itamar that much of the Jew-baiting globe would call a "settlement". The existence of this small community and others like it are said by much of the world to be the source of all the hostilities of the Middle East. If the Jewish presence in these contested areas would simply dry up or be eradicated, we are told somehow peace will flourish. I just wonder what a babe in arms and an infant still at the breast did to summon their own murder? Yes, Israel certainly has kind-hearted, reliable interlocutors with which to negotiate and the poor, put-upon Palestinians only want peace.

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