Thursday, March 3, 2011

Attack Not Terrorism?

United States Air Force personnel are gunned down at an airport in Germany and initial reports by the American and German governments suggested that the murders were something other than an act of jihad. Authorities from both nations at first attempted to whitewash the shooting even as witnesses described the gunman shouting "Allah akbar" and literally "jihad, jihad, jihad!" as he was firing, but according to those responsible for protecting us, the shooter "exchanged words" with his targets, trying to suggest that the event was anything but what it obviously was- an act of religiously motivated terror. The same denials emerged after the Fort Hood massacre where US Army Major Nidal Hasan shouted the same "Allah akbar" as he began firing. So why would American and now German authorities attempt to cover up the true motivation for terror? Perhaps, they do not want it to be percieved that we are in a war of civilizations with the West pitted against Islam. The clash exists though- no matter how cowardly leaders who lack the will to fight to win wish to portray it.

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