Friday, March 4, 2011

Dismantling the Dream

We are supposed to be heartened today that the Obama administration's manipulated employment numbers show the jobs' situation is improving. How can we be optimistic when even if we are fortunate enough to not be under water in our homes, we still have punitive property taxes that are by themselves higher than house payments were in the 1950s? How do we feel secure in the notion that we even own our property when local government is able to abuse imminent domain to seize it for what has become a public purpose of generating more tax revenue when a new owner takes over? How can we really own the property we have payed for when if a raindrop falls on it, suddenly our little piece of America becomes a wetland that the government must control to protect? You can not improve it or remodel or build on land you hold the deed on, but you still best pay that property tax- after all it is your property even though you can no longer use it. Then there are the zoning laws that strangle freedom and give bureaucrats power over what you do with what you paid for and thought you actually owned. Then there is that nice vehicle you sweat blood to finally pay off. You own it alright but with four dollar a gallon gasoline, you have to think twice about driving it anywhere. There was a lot of hype about all the hope that Barack Hussein Obama was peddling, but what President Obama delivered was all bluster, baloney, and a bill of goods, no matter what some carefully massaged job numbers that are being pitched by a handmaiden media are supposed to tell us. The improvement in the economy that Team Obama is crowing about is good, old-fashioned bunk.

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