Sunday, March 20, 2011

Catch War Fever

The nation has embarked in a third conflict with America still engaged in heavy fighting in Afghanistan, with troops remaining deployed as "trainers and advisers" in Iraq, and now our missiles and bombers are striking "regime assets" in Libya. One has to ponder the wisdom of yet another shooting war, particularly since we have no idea what will emerge to replace Qaddafi if (when) we succeed in eliminating him. Might it have been better early on instead of committing so much resources to undermine one man, if the West had simply sent in special operatives from the US Delta Force, British Special Air or Special Boat Service, or similar elite NATO unit to target Muammar Qaddafi himself, if much bloodshed may have been avoided? But now like the poker player near the end of the game, America and some of her allies are now all in and whatever eventually emerges in Libya, we own it. The Qaddafi family is well aware of the grisly ends two of Saddam Hussein's evil sons and the tyrant himself met (in Saddam's case at the end of a rope), and they and their tribal clan, which has thrived through close association to the regime, will feel compelled to fight to the bitter end. Obviously, command and control structures will be hit by the US and allied forces and Muammar Qaddafi himself will now be the focus. I wonder with Barack Hussein Obama now seeming to mimic George W. Bush so much in international relations if the Nobel Committee will move to revoke Obama's unearned and unmerited Nobel Peace Prize?

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