Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Promise Shattered

Barack Hussein Obama campaigned that if elected he would be a peace President. Global expectations were high that such a measured man would be replacing "cowboy" George W. Bush who had not bowed at the alter of false peace but committed the United States to spread freedom and acted on that by liberating twenty-five million Muslims from the Taliban and an equal number from Saddam Hussein. Barack Obama pledged to close the supposedly nearly universally despised Guantanamo Bay prison camp and abolish military tribunals to demonstrate the greatness of the US system of justice, but to this day, this is a commitment that Obama has not fulfilled. The world is anything but a safer place since Obama has entrenched himself in office. Never in my lifetime of forty-four years have I ever seen more chaos than at this moment. This is what happens when the occupant of the most powerful post in the world, the US Presidency, forgets the lesson of peace through strength. Obama's grandiose universalist notions have made the globe less safe.

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