Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Reluctant Worrier

Persistent, almost constantly negative reports have emerged in the mainstream media about events in Japan, about the war in Afghanistan, and even about labor relations in the United States. In the first instance, while I would not vacation in Japan right now, there is little possibility that anyone is under the threat of fatal radiation on the American continent. As far as the war on terror goes, al Qaeda and members of the Taliban are not immortal, and they too are subject to defeat. Osama bin Laden has no magical immunity from death. Finally, strikes have occurred before and some have seemed interminable but eventually they end- public sector employees in job actions eventually go back to work or are replaced. As far as the National Football League lockout goes as another battle on the "labor" front, I think that the millionaire players and the mostly billionaire (with the exception of municipally owned Green Bay) owners will survive. If they do not sort things out and the football season does not happen, I still believe the United States will soldier on and I know I will. Events are seldom as grim as the dinosaur media makes them out.

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