Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Sweeping Vista

A story from the Associated Press said that the Congressional Budget Office has found that President Obama has underestimated future budget deficits that the Federal government of the United States will rack up by 2.3 trillion dollars. A discrepancy this wide can not be a simple miscount or rounding error but by necessity of such staggering figures is deliberate policy being pitched to the public with lies. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently admitted in testimony to Congress that there had been a deliberate double count in one instance to make the numbers work for Obama care. This was a small portion of overspending that a member of the Obama administration has admitted to, but when such enormous amounts are spent, billions are bound to be squandered. What is most alarming now is that Republicans who claim to be sound fiscal stewards have gone along with the continuing resolutions game twice now, holding the line only to the extent that they insisted on cuts that are minuscule when measured against the total budget. The GOP is also going along with raising the debt ceiling, signalling that they are content with business as usual and will not squawk too much as Obama spends the US into oblivion. In the United States Senate, there are only about a dozen Republicans worth their salt- the rest including one of my own Tennessee Senators Lamar Alexander are essentially Republicans in name only (RINO). The last GOP Presidential candidate Senator McCain was one of these, who only looked good as a Hobson's choice, a lesser socialist running against the greater socialist Barack Hussein Obama. In the United States House of Representatives, the situation is little better with weeping willow John Boehner still going along to get along in the one national legislative body where Republicans have a clear majority. The new GOP House members are standing strong for the values of the voters who elected them, but the Republican old guard, the holdovers from the last Pelosi Congress are acting as if Democrats still run the show. If this pattern is not soon rectified, these RINOs should be swept out just as liberal Democrats were in the last election. If the national Republican Party digs in their heels to protect the moderate fossils, then sadly but surely, it will be time for a conservative, national third party.

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