Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Cesspool Rises

America is being barraged with reports spewing out about a drug-addled narcissist who seems to have hit the self-destruct button as we watch him commit slow-motion suicide. Charlie Sheen is called a "train wreck", but what Americans should instead be focused on is our nation derailing. We are being turned into a servile country, hostage to OPEC and Red China. Our nation was seen as divinely inspired creation with the Lord Almighty as the font of American exceptionalism. Part of the unique covenant between God and this nation has been to uphold morality. We are now mocking marriage and Providence with homosexual union- sanctifying the unholy and basking with pride in our own heresy. I care not the slightest what consenting adults do in privacy, but to attack all the monotheistic faiths' (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) marriage concept is inviting ruin. Australia is now led by an overt atheist and since her elevation to Prime Minister, Australia has suffered her most costly disasters there ever. America under the profligate Obama is inviting God's wrath.

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