Saturday, March 5, 2011

Persistent Fear Intensifies

Iran spreads her corrupting influence, fomenting revolution across the Middle East while suppressing dissent at home, even recently locking up the candidates who came in first and second in the election stolen by Ahmadinejad and the mullahs who back him. Iran simply does not play by the same rules as other nations. Iran is also not held to the same standards as other countries, and this has been the case since the Iranian Revolution. Iran is the only country that permitted diplomats to be held hostage in such numbers for such a sustained duration (of 444 days). Yet, Iran was never really punished for it. Iran staged mass casualty bombing attacks on Jewish institutions in Argentina, yet never felt the world's wrath. Iran has proxy armies in Hamas and Hizbollah frequently attack Israel, but Iran is not made to suffer in reprisal. So here is my fear: Iran has literally gotten away with murder and the sanctions she is facing over her nuclear program are being violated. Turkey is not particularly eager to cut Iran off from the world and has not enforced the embargo that multilateral organizations (the IAEA and the UN) expected. Even though the punishment Iran was facing has been greatly watered down by Russia and China in the United Nations Security Council, enforcement is not being conducted by Iran's neighbors. Even Iraq with American forces still on her soil seems determined to help Iran thwart any serious castigation that would actually set back the nuclear endeavor. I have already stated that Iran ignores convention, and believe that when Iran achieves weaponized status that she will not conduct an underground or even atmospheric test, but immediately employ her putative capacity against Tel Aviv, either through indigenously launched missile (or bomber aircraft which is less likely as Iran would assume that said plane would be shot down before it could deliver its atomic punch) or from a Syrian or Hizbollah proxy, which is becoming ever more likely now that Iranian warships have been permitted to transit the Suez Canal and effectively merged the Iranian and Syrian navies. Perhaps Israel will even be attacked with an atomic artillery shell similar to the ones America developed early in the Cold War. Remember Iran is not attempting to gain nukes as an exercise, or as they claim to produce energy, but to use against the Jewish State at the first possible moment.

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