Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rumors of Peace

A supposed agent of change was elected to the White House in 2008. Some who believed that Barack Hussein Obama would be a benevolent dictator now see him as every bit as benighted as his predecessor George W. Bush who they widely despised. Would Obama advance equal outcomes in office? In the event, Obama has spouted some of the rhetoric of a class warrior while doling out corporate welfare and practicing crony capitalism of the worst kind. It pays to be Obama's friend, backer, contributor tenfold. GE was seen as being in the President's corner, and it seems to have been rewarded lavishly by Obama's favor. Is the peace camp suddenly happy now that Obama has ventured into yet another war of choice? Certainly, no argument exists that engaging Libya is in our strategic interest, much less a strategic necessity. Qaddafi posed no particular threat to the US homeland although now as a cornered wounded animal, Qaddafi will feel impelled to strike back. On the domestic front Obama's leadership has been lacking at best and catastrophic at worst and now internationally, Obama fails to lead and leads to fail.

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