Monday, March 7, 2011

No Greater Love

A tremendously destructive tornado struck Louisiana doing much damage, but also demonstrating the kind of preternatural courage that I have only heard of once before. A young mother, twenty-one year old Jalisa Granger gave her life protecting her baby with her own body. Similar elan was evinced several years back in Hendersonville, Tennessee, when a mother who if memory serves was the wife of a firefighter, ended up paralyzed after placing her body between her children and a tornado. Miraculously, this brave lady from a town near my Middle Tennessee home survived as did the offspring she was protecting. She has been featured since in local and national media, and has said that she would gladly take the same risk again if necessary to shield her kids. May God bless every mother with such a powerful bond and may we pray that a mother is never again forced to make such a sacrifice.

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