Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Certain Immediacy

Just as the situation is clearly critical for those impacted by the Japan disaster(s), the situation deteriorates day by day for those who had the courage to stand against Qaddafi in Libya. Just as those in Japan who are currently stricken need every necessity brought to them, so too do the freedom fighters in Libya now need robust air support to successfully contest the more powerful weapons in the Libyan government arsenal. Some in the West who are resistant to the notion of helping those who seek to overturn the Libyan tyrant have pointed out that there has been no Rwanda type massacre. The answer to that is a three letter word..."yet". If five years from now Qaddafi lingers as Libya's leader over an Auschwitz pile of the corpses of his "enemies", the world will ask two questions, "How can this be?" and "Who lost Libya?"

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