Friday, March 18, 2011

Like Cowra Revolt

Illegal immigrants to Australia have rioted in their detention center against the hospitality including food, clothing, and shelter that Australian citizen/taxpayers were gracious enough to offer. When Third World parasites are apprehended on the sea trying to break into Australia, they should no longer be permitted to set foot on land. The risk is too high, the cost too great, to allow interlopers to spill Australian blood on Australian soil. If the craft these invaders are on is seaworthy, the navy should escort it back from whence it came (with only sufficient fuel, food and water provided to facilitate the safe return). If the vessel is overcrowded or adrift, offload the so-called asylum seekers onto a leased freighter or similar ship with spartan accommodations and when it is filled from several captured people smuggling attempts, send them all back. No nation can survive being overwhelmed by a foreign horde, particularly an utterly dependent one. Europe and the United States must counter similar invasions (though the threat to America comes from her Southern land border and not the sea). Borders must be enforced because our generosity is not merely being abused- we are being raped.

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